Autofilling Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Codes in macOS Chrome

If you use Chrome on macOS and are jealous of Safari's ability to autofill Two Factor Authentication (2FA) security codes checkout this sweet Keyboard Maestro macro.

Custom Sorting in Python

I recently found myself needing to sort a list by cardinal directions. Here's a super simple solution to do custom sorting in Python.

Checking off Linked Records in an Airtable Script

I needed a quick way to check off a bunch of linked records in Airtable so I worked up this little script to do it from an Airtable button.

Javascript Search Token Highlighter

Building a search results page? Thinking about highlighting the search terms so they standout? Here's how I did it using vanilla Javascript.

Trying Out Things 3

I decided to switch my to-do list to Things 3 and needed to move a lot of to-dos over from Todoist. Seemed like a great project to explore their API and save myself a bunch of copying and pasting.

Python Type Hints and Fancy Banners

While leaning about Python Type Hints, I wrote a nifty little function to display cool banners and help remind me about the concepts of type hinting.

RSS Feeds Using Flask-FlatPages

Need to generate a valid RSS feed for your Flask website? Using Flask-FlatPages? Well, it's really quite simple.

Generating a Sitemap with Flask and Flask-FlatPages

If you're using Flask-FlatPages, it's really simple to generate a sitemap that plays nice with search engines and helps your website get noticed.

Unpacking Tuples in a For Loop

Have you ever noticed as you learn more and more of a programming language, you often forgo the basics for a more complex solution? Well, today I was reminded of the KISS principle when I needed to unpack a bunch of tuples.