Custom Sorting in Python

I recently found myself needing to sort a list by cardinal directions. Here's a super simple solution to do custom sorting in Python.

Checking off Linked Records in an Airtable Script

I needed a quick way to check off a bunch of linked records in Airtable so I worked up this little script to do it from an Airtable button.

Javascript Search Token Highlighter

Building a search results page? Thinking about highlighting the search terms so they standout? Here's how I did it using vanilla Javascript.

Trying Out Things 3

I decided to switch my to-do list to Things 3 and needed to move a lot of to-dos over from Todoist. Seemed like a great project to explore their API and save myself a bunch of copying and pasting.

Python Type Hints and Fancy Banners

While leaning about Python Type Hints, I wrote a nifty little function to display cool banners and help remind me about the concepts of type hinting.

RSS Feeds Using Flask-FlatPages

Need to generate a valid RSS feed for your Flask website? Using Flask-FlatPages? Well, it's really quite simple.

Generating a Sitemap with Flask and Flask-FlatPages

If you're using Flask-FlatPages, it's really simple to generate a sitemap that plays nice with search engines and helps your website get noticed.

ANSI Terminal Colors

Ping-pong'ing from project to project as I often do (a.k.a. failure to focus 🤦‍♂️), I end up writing a fun little Bash script to display a bunch of ANSI terminal colors for future reference.

Unpacking Tuples in a For Loop

Have you ever noticed as you learn more and more of a programming language, you often forgo the basics for a more complex solution? Well, today I was reminded of the KISS principle when I needed to unpack a bunch of tuples.