I'm a designer by trade but started to learn development in 2020 and I'm currently developing in Python, ExtendScript for Adobe, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I'm sharing some of my projects here in hope that you may find them useful.

Most of the things I make are free to download but if you would like to support me that would be awesome and greatly appreciated! 🙏

⚙️ Looking for a custom solution? I am available for hire. Get in touch.

🙋‍♂️ Need help with my software? Feel free to contact me on Twitter.

🐞 Find a bug? Please submit an issue on GitHub.

Adobe Scripts (ExtendScript)

As a longtime user of Adobe products I often find the need for extended functionality. Here are some of the solutions I have developed.

Ai Command Palette

Boost your Adobe Illustrator efficiency with quick access to most menu commands and tools, all of your actions, and any scripts right from your keyboard.

And, with custom Workflows, you can combine multiple commands, actions, and scripts to get things done in your own way. Replace repetitive tasks with workflows and boost your productivity.

Adobe Illustrator Command Palette - GitHub

Ai Command Palette

Ai Match Objects

Match one or more objects to another by position, size, rotation, layer, and or alignment.

My most used script by far!

Adobe Illustrator Match Objects - GitHub

Ai Match Objects